Four Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Mobile Video Safety System

Before purchasing a mobile video safety system for your company’s commercial vehicles, carefully think about safety, design, reliability and performance. At INTEC Video Systems, Inc., these important features are incorporated into our systems for every type of vocational application – from fire and rescue to heavy construction, refuse collecting, transit and mining. With over 35 years of experience, INTEC has earned the reputation for building a quality product offering reliable performance that lasts.

Safety First
The mobile video safety system is much more than an optional accessory for a vehicle. Especially for vocational applications, the camera and monitor play a major role in the vehicle’s overall safety system and should be at the forefront of any fleet’s safety protocols. The system’s field of view and correct positioning of the display monitor and controls define the highest level of safety in commercial vehicle use.  INTEC uses high-quality components so a wide-angle optic can be used with little to no distortion. On average, the INTEC Field of View (FOV) is 30 percent wider giving the operator more time to react. The matched aspect ratio between the camera sensor and display (4:3 end to end) allows the operator sees more in a quicker time frame with less distortion.

INTEC’s display monitors for commercial vehicles are designed to support the operator’s ability to maneuver safely and effectively. When properly installed, the display monitor should only be arranged in place of the vehicle’s rearview mirror and in line of sight with the right-hand mirror. The system automatically interfaces with the maneuvering of the vehicle.  On occasion when the operator needs to adjust the display, the controls are separated from the display monitor. The operator functions are within easy reach to help prevent distractions resulting from reaching too far across the cab to make adjustments. For example, INTEC Car Vision® video safety system’s extendible wired remote control enables operator functions to be within the reach of the operator’s fingertips. Operators can keep their eyes where most needed—on the road!

Design, Reliability and Performance Counts
Unfortunately, many companies have a consumer mindset and opt to find the cheapest mobile video safety system on the market without weighing in the product’s reliability and performance. Many low-cost systems, particularly those with sun visor display monitors, and LEDs in the camera were adopted from stationary surveillance camera systems and merely packaged for vehicle use. This approach compromises quality and performance in terms of system functionality and field of view —critical factors for conducting safe operations.

INTEC’s mobile video safety systems are specifically designed for vehicles and strictly built for vocational applications – fit for function. By manufacturing its systems on an industrial line with industrial components, INTEC delivers products with longer duty ratings and life cycles, which span 5, 10, up to 20 years and longer.  Companies appreciate this convenient availability of parts for repairing systems or purchasing new systems that are compatible with ones already in use on their vehicles.

The industrial strength components include high-quality CCD, DSP, glass windows and optics to last longer and perform better under demanding work conditions. Low-cost consumer-grade systems give the impression that they save money – but only in the short-term. INTEC focuses on quality in every aspect of its mobile video safety systems. In the long run, this saves money in terms of equipping commercial vehicle operators with reliable systems. These systems are backed by an integration of design, manufacture and customer service that is solely devoted to providing an extra margin of safety to operators of large vehicles by eliminating blind spots. To learn more about INTEC’s wide range of solutions for ensuring safe operations of your commercial vehicles, please visit

Contributed by Dino Nama, Vice President at INTEC Video Systems, Inc.

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