Real Value of INTEC Car Vision® is in the Life Cycle Cost

How much does a mobile video safety system failure cost a company?

The breakdown of a backup camera or display monitor on a large commercial vehicle is not just a problem for the driver. A broken system can send shockwaves of grief from the truck yard all the way up to the executive suite.  The causes of the breakdown are often linked to the system’s substandard components and poor design.

For example, refuse collection companies in California face significant revenue loss and hardships when one of their garbage trucks has to stop in the middle of its route because of a broken or faulty display monitor or camera. Many refuse collection companies have a policy that when a camera system is down, the truck is red-tagged and cannot work its route. If the camera stops working while on the route, the driver must discontinue operations. During these situations, the costs to repair the system and resolve the disrupted trash pickup schedules are substantial. These expenditures primarily involve sending mechanics out to do the repair work, as well as other costs related to replacement parts, new system purchases and labor overtime.

These expensive incidents quickly gain the attention of a company’s upper management. As a proactive measure to guard against these unfortunate occurrences, it’s important for these key decision-makers to be in the loop when purchasing a mobile video safety system for their trucks. They need to carefully examine the system’s “life cycle cost,” which involves additional costs and revenue loss resulting from systems breaking down. What appears to be saving money in the short-term by purchasing the cheapest system ends up creating unexpected financial headaches in the long-term.

INTEC Car Vision® systems are designed and built for the rigors that refuse collection vehicles face each day and have a proven average lifespan of eight and a half years. Compared with lower quality systems from other manufacturers that last approximately three years under ideal conditions, this is an important performance point for upper management to note. Superior optics and sensors, heavy-duty polyurethane cabling, as well as certified IP68 cameras, controllers, and displays ensure the reliability and performance of the INTEC Car Vision® line of mobile video safety systems.

When purchasing INTEC systems, companies will pay a little more upfront, but over the life of the vehicle, they will spend significantly less.  To learn more about the value of the INTEC Car Vision® mobile safety system, please visit  Representatives will be pleased to assess the
life cycle cost of the mobile video safety system currently being used in your company’s commercial vehicle fleet.

Contributed by Dino Nama, Vice President at INTEC Video Systems, Inc.

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