The INTEC Difference… Nearly 40 Years of Proven Experience in Video Safety Systems

It has been said that the best business plans focus totally on quality. At INTEC Video Systems, our quality is based on extensive experience in the application of video safety systems for commercial vehicles. For nearly 40 years, we have worked closely with companies to help make their operations involving large trucks safe and efficient. We know what works and what doesn’t work. In these industries, there is no room for gimmicks or short-cuts.

INTEC Car Vision® Mobile Video Safety Products are designed specifically to aid drivers operating mining, construction, refuse collection, EMS and public transportation vehicles. Since day one, we understand that helping drivers conveniently view blind spots is a necessity. In a working environment where harsh conditions and distractions in the cab (laptop and sensors) are part of a normal working day, drivers appreciate how our design features, top quality components and overall technology enhance visibility and make their jobs safer and easier.

Besides delivering a video safety system that drivers can depend on each day, INTEC sees its products as assets for driving a company’s revenue stream. Providing a high-quality system translates to minimal costs related to repairs and replacement parts.

The INTEC team backs up its systems with all the necessary support to keep trucks in operation. It’s this high level of commitment that demonstrates that we do more than sell products; we establish relationships to ensure quality performance.

As a result, INTEC fosters strong relationships with companies that have been using multiple generations of our product line in their fleets. These systems have been in operation 10 to 15 years or even longer depending on the vocational application. Again, it’s common for an INTEC system to operate efficiently for the entire service life of the truck.

Our experience, commitment to quality and lasting relationships with customers sustain our reputation and define the meaning behind “Quality First For Performance That Lasts.”

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Contributed by Dino Nama, Vice President at INTEC Video Systems, Inc.

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