Defining the Value of MIL-SPEC in Cost Savings and Reliability

Fleet managers often ask me why INTEC video safety systems for commercial vehicles are designed and manufactured to meet MIL-SPEC standardization. Their assumption is that it is very unlikely their trucks will ever operate in combat. This high standard is an assurance of reliability in applications when lives are in the balance—a necessity whether in peacetime or war.

MIL-SPEC primarily relates to customized commercial equipment and instruments that have been proven to meet military expectations in harsh environments. Simply said, the equipment has undergone rigorous testing to prove that it works when it’s supposed to work. This essential principle applies as much to commercial applications as it does to military use.

MIL-SPEC standardization demonstrates exceptional performance based on a series of tests that include durability (lines are connected and disconnected 200 times per minute) and the ability to function in wet, cold and hot conditions (the temperature range is -67 to +257 Fahrenheit). The equipment, as well as its connectors and seals, undergo heavy vibrations, fluid immersion and mechanical shock. Seals are also tested for air tightness, an important performance point for any camera system!

We believe our clients deserve systems that meet this high standard. The distinction of the MIL-SPEC standardization offers many benefits for companies with a commercial vehicle fleet. Back-up cameras that meet military expectations ensure performance, reliability, availability and interoperability.

MIL-SPEC Highlights:

Performance—INTEC video safety systems meet performance requirements and demands for the military. Proven performance means peace-of-mind for fleet managers because our back-up cameras seldom become a maintenance issue and demonstrate a high level of reliability to keep the fleet moving.

XL ConnReliability—Compared to untested, inexpensive repackaged video systems on the market, INTEC systems are tested, qualified and certified to a proven performance standard. This feature significantly reduces costs related to repairs and system replacements. Our reliability helps companies maintain their commitment to quality for their customers.

Availability—Unlike consumer-based video systems that are designed to become obsolete and unavailable after the course of a year, INTEC’s systems have a much longer life cycle with components available for fleets up to 25 years. Essentially, INTEC systems operate for the life of the vehicle.

Interoperability—INTEC video safety systems/components purchased this year are guaranteed to be compatible with the INTEC systems purchased a decade ago or even longer. Having a fleet with compatible video systems saves time and money in the long run because of the interoperability and familiarity of systems in both new and old vehicles.

Beware! There are some manufacturers that state on their websites and literature their products are “Designed for MilSpec” when there’s absolutely nothing further from the truth. You’ll be able to recognize the real value of a product that’s “in fact” designed, built, and certified with Mil Spec components and to Mil Spec standards. You should be able to “see” evidence of these quality standards in the product as opposed to them being only something a marketing department dreamed up. There’s a big difference between a statement and a certification.

Rest assured, INTEC’s Car Vision® line of mobile video safety products is a proven system to meet your fleet’s needs. For more information about INTEC’s unwavering commitment to value, reliability and quality performance, please contact one of our product specialists at (800) 468-3254.

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