INTEC Reliability… The Proof is in the Ingress Protection Rating

The long train of Northwest storms cannot deter the work of an ambulance driver in Spokane, Washington. The driver’s ability to easily recognize hazards around the EMS vehicle and work around them is critical to ensuring safety during rescues. While operating in constant inclement weather, the driver has complete confidence in the INTEC backup camera system installed on the vehicle.

The camera’s Ingress Protection Rating (IP) makes this peace of mind possible. The rating is from an accredited third-party organization (ISO/IEC), which subjects INTEC systems to a rigorous series of performance tests to certify that the product meets and operates under the conditions of the Ingress Protection Rating.

Ingress Protection rates and classifies the degree of dust intrusion and water protection of electrical enclosures. The rating lists two numbers to state the level of protection from the elements. The first number relates to dust-size particles while the second number relates to moisture. The rating range is from “zero” (no protection) to “six” (completely dust tight) and “eight” (waterproof and submergible down to depths over 1 meter). Click here to learn more about the IP Rating.cvd640lcd wet

INTEC’s cameras and displays along with the H and XL series controllers have a rating of IP68, which means they are both completely dustproof and waterproof. Simply said, an accredited third party has conducted its tests according to standards established by ISO/IEC to certify that INTEC’s video safety systems meet the performance and operating standard necessary for commercial vehicle applications.


Certified vs. Compliant

While on the topic of certification, it’s important to understand the difference between tricky sales tactics and valid third party certification. There are a lot of products being marketed as ‘waterproof’ or even IP69K (that’s a whole different story)! However, when you review the product’s technical information from the manufacturer, it clearly states otherwise, does not refer to the certifying body, or can’t produce a certificate of compliance to back up the statements made on the marketing materials or by their sales people. These suppliers are “banking” (literally) on the fact that customers don’t conduct in-depth research into the product’s performance qualities. All cameras are not the same. Some are ‘designed for purpose’ and others – most others are ‘one size fits all’ repackaged to make an appearance without any support or substance.

INTEC proudly shows the certificate from the ISO/IEC, an accredited third-party organization that confirms the system meets and operates under the conditions of the performance standard. Products that state “compliant” or “meet” a certain performance standard should be viewed as a red flag to the potential buyer. Beware, this could be a self-proclaiming statement lacking the merits of a third-party certification. The buyer should always examine the fine print. As harsh winter conditions once again bear down on the nation, don’t you want your fleet to operate with a certified video safety system with proven reliability?

To learn more about INTEC’s IP Rating, please contact one of our product specialists at (800) 468-3211. We would be pleased to answer your questions and help you achieve the highest standards of safety, quality and performance for your commercial vehicle fleet.

Contributed by Dino Nama, Vice President at INTEC Video Systems, Inc.

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