Video and Radar Sensors Team Up

Two proven technologies significantly assist commercial vehicle operators in keeping a close eye on what’s behind them. INTEC’s integration of radar sensors and video monitors enhance rear view capabilities well beyond the limited scope of mirrors.  Besides helping operators to be aware of people and objects, they can conveniently view 125 degrees horizontal by 100 degrees vertical behind the vehicle. Read “Four Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Mobile Video Safety System” to gain further insights into the benefits of a reliable video safety system.

When backing up, the radar sensor becomes activated and alerts the operator by sound and LED warning lights to pay extra attention to activity behind the vehicle. The video monitor provides a clear image of what is being detected by the radar sensor, which is a form of a passive radar system. For example, a driver, viewing the right view mirror while in reverse, is alerted from the sensor to look at the video monitor the second when a kid on a skateboard approaches from the sidewalk.

Naturally, a driver has to know what’s happening on all sides of the vehicle. The radar sensor feature enhances the operator’s ability to see what’s behind the vehicle and make a quick stop when going in reverse. Whether it’s in a mine or on a neighborhood street, when applied correctly – every bit of technology ensures a consistent safety record for the fleet.

To learn more about INTEC’s radar sensors, please contact one of our product specialists at (800) 468-3254. We would be pleased to answer your questions and help you achieve the highest standards of safety, quality and performance for your commercial vehicle fleet.

Contributed by Dino Nama, Vice President at INTEC Video Systems, Inc.

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