INTEC Video Systems, the originator of commercial vehicle rear vision in the U.S., follows a simple but proven philosophy. Build a quality product and you will get reliable performance that lasts.


INTEC Video Systems, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Donald Nama Sr. as a manufacturer of industrial closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. In 1978 INTEC introduced Car Vision®, an advancement of the CCTV technology to provide an extra margin of safety to operators of large vehicles by eliminating blind spots.

INTEC provides a product line of over 30 cameras and monitors, in black & white and color, for every type of application - from recreational vehicles to heavy construction. The originator of rear vision, INTEC has remained on the cutting edge of innovation by constantly developing and improving our safety camera systems using the latest in electronics technology.

INTEC has its Headquarters in California, with an East Coast Regional Office in Pennsylvania. Together with a network of dealers and distributors, INTEC offers premium vehicle safety worldwide to vehicle manufacturers and end users. Backed by the industry’s most reliable warranty, our customers benefit from the lowest total life cycle cost of ownership and our long standing reputation for diligent customer service, coupled with our high standards of product quality, provide you with the best camera safety systems available.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Being the best in our business does not come easily. It is earned by understanding our customers and by consistently providing the products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. As our business continues to evolve, we recognize that our customers' expectations of quality will only become higher.

At INTEC we are committed to meeting our customers' expectations for quality in the products and services that we provide. We personally affirm this commitment. This quality objective can only be achieved if everyone in our organization is involved. Therefore, a quality management system has been established at INTEC which involves every employee.

This quality management system gives our employees a systematic method for continuous improvement by establishing a reliable way to take actions toward improving products and services. We have placed quality considerations equal to all others in our decision making and established a comprehensive framework for developing and reviewing our quality objectives.

    Here are a few Reasons Why You Should Work with an ISO 9001 Certified Company
  • Commitment to meeting customer requirements;
  • Improved company and product quality;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Professional culture and better employee morale;
  • Improved consistency of our operations;
  • Management and employees focused on quality;
  • Improved efficiency, reducing waste and saving you money;
  • Achieved international quality recognition.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization is the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards. ISO develops and publishes a series of standards that define an effective quality assurance system.

To be ISO certified INTEC's Laguna Hills CA location must pass regularly scheduled audits of our quality management system from SGS, a certified third party auditor. That level of commitment has made INTEC an approved supplier for many OEM’s that depend on constant quality improvement from their certified suppliers.

ISO is the only universally recognized certification of a company's quality management system available.

ISO Certificate