Basic Installation

Your Car Vision® Mobile Video Safety System should be connected to a post ignition power source. To be in a constant ready state, the System consumes a small amount of power even in the Standby mode. Therefore, connecting the system to a pre-ignition or constant power source (directly to the battery) can drain your battery over time.

Your system is designed so that the rear mounted camera can have priority over any other camera or data input into the display provided the blue trigger wire is connected the the reverse gear switch and the rear camera is connected to the Camera 1 position. When the vehicle is placed in reverse, the rear mounted camera will be activated and its image will be shown on the display screen. In multiple camera systems, other camera views can also be triggered automatically within a priority scheme.

Warning: The orientation of the image displayed is critical to safe vehicle operation. An object on the right side of your vehicle needs to be seen on the right side of the display screen. Always confirm proper image orientation before driving or operating your vehicle.

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You can also refer to the Troubleshooting section of our website for additional information.

Looking to Upgrade

INTEC manufactures a wide array of products and adapters that make upgrading your existing camera system easy and affordable. Everything to simply upgrade from black & white to color flat screen or adding additional cameras - we’ve got you covered! Please visit the Upgrade section of our website, there you will find helpful information including wiring diagrams and parts lists for your application.

You can also contact one of our friendly sales associates for additional information on upgrading your camera system.

How to get service

If you need to return a product for repair, please call one of our friendly INTEC customer service representatives at 800-468-3254 (west) or 800-522-5989 (east). When you call, be ready with the description or model number of the product and a description of the problem. If possible, having the serial number would be helpful when you call. You may also e-mail your request to Request an RMA

What products will INTEC service?

INTEC will service any product manufactured by INTEC regardless of age or condition. Please call us for an RMA and we will check them out and provide an estimate for your consideration. At no time will you be billed without your authorization.

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