Car Vision® Mobile Video Safety Products

INTEC's Car Vision® line of mobile video safety products has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the industries we serve. At INTEC we don't feel cookie cutter camera systems are the right approach. We wouldn't put the same camera system on refuse or mining trucks that you would find on a motor home. Would You?

That is why our approach has always been to work with the industries leading Manufacturers and End Users and to develop products that meet their needs and strive to remain reliable in the harsh environments and conditions present. Review the Car Vision® Product Line …

Video SentinelTM

The INTEC Video SentinelTM system is a complete video surveillance system comprised of modular system components that can be configured to meet a wide variety of safety and security applications.

There are four primary system components included in the basic system configuration. They are the Camera Assembly, Video Processor, System Controller, and System Monitor. The camera can be configured for various levels of performance and or function, depending on the application. The modular design allows the camera to be configured with one or two camera modules which can be assembled on either a remote (pan/tilt) or fixed camera mount. Single camera configurations are easily upgraded to dual camera. Learn more…


INTEC Video Systems partnered with PreView® to provide our customers with an active, integrated companion for their Car Vision® camera system.

PreView® is a solid-state, pulsed radar object detection system designed to alert vehicle operators to obstacles. The system detects both moving and stationary objects in a pre-defined coverage area and reports the distance of the closest object to the vehicle operator via visual range indicators built in to the INTEC CVD series of Car Vision® displays and an audible alert through the remote.

The integration of the PreView® consists of environmentally sealed sensors and an interconnect adapter harnesses. The system is configured so that the power and signals to and from the radar system will be transmitted over the INTEC camera system main cable, making installation more efficient.

The sensor assembly transmits and receives low power 5.8GHz radar signals. It then processes the returned signals to determine if an object has reflected any energy back to the sensor and reports this to the operator through the INTEC video display. The sensor is designed to process and report detections within 1/2 of a second allowing the vehicle operator to quickly respond to any object within the detection zone. All connections to a vehicle are made with the interface harness. Power is obtained from the vehicle reverse circuit. The sensor RF output is pulse modulated so that it will not interfere with similar devices.

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