Solution: Having an especially high rate of incidents and fatalities, it’s important that construction sites use the most reliable, durable, and trusted safety equipment. INTEC Video Systems provides just that with our heavy duty, high performing, and waterproof video safety systems. Whether you need rear vision, side vision, or a combination of different views, we can provide the vision you need with the widest field of view available. Investing in the right camera system that features heavy duty construction and a wide field of view will ensure the safety of everyone on the site- all the time. Our systems are the highest performing and the longest lasting!


The INTEC Advantage

Quality At INTEC, we follow a simple but proven philosophy. Build a quality product and you will get reliable performance that lasts.

Value Some purchasing decisions are based on cost. Smart money opts for value. Don’t compromise the safety of your fleet! Invest in a system that you can depend on - day in and day out - for as long as you own your vehicle.

Commitment For over 35 Years, our interest to improve vehicle safety through advanced video technology has been proven and demonstrates not only our experience and longevity but also our commitment to our customers who benefit from it. With unmatched customer service and support, we’ll be here for

We recommend the CVC500AHXL color camera and CVD650LCD 6.5" color display. Camera systems can be configured for single or multi-camera (up to five cameras per controller) applications.


INTEC products are backed by unparalleled warranties and a dedicated engineering and sales team ready to solve your vehicle safety camera requirements.

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Here’s what others have to say: Steven Mandeville - Environmental Safety Manager for the New Hampshire DOT had this to say about INTEC: "During the camera evaluation phase of our research, we found the INTEC systems you supplied us with to be of very high quality. Each unit stood up and performed very well even in the harshest New Hampshire winter weather conditions. The cameras also performed very well in all types of light conditions both indoors and outdoors.     Your excellent help and assistance has been invaluable."