Shock and Vibration

Shock is measured in g force and vibration is measured in CPM or cycles per minute. Some camera suppliers will list their shock rating as an instantaneous value. While this value is often high it doesn’t tell the whole story. For example an instantaneous value is a one time hit. Well, most vehicle applications aren’t subject to large one time hits, especially on the camera or monitor. They are subject to continuous vibration over time.

Let’s take a moment to understand what g force is. Simply, the g rating equates to the force applied to an object at rate of acceleration. The g-force acting on a stationary object resting on the Earth's surface is 1 g. A typical person can handle about 5 g over a period of time. Since the human body is flexible it obviously can handle greater g forces but only for very brief periods of time. For example a boxer can have a punch force equal to hundreds of g’s but the period of time is in milliseconds. Conversely, a person subject to 15 g’s or more for over a minute could result in death.

With that, INTEC builds its products and tests them to be able to withstand 4.5 to 9 g’s at 2000cpm. In short, our products can withstand forces applied to them from 4.5 to 9 g’s 2000 times every minute.